Farmer’s Market

In this series I wanted to capture the warmth and hard work of the Costa Rican farmers and their families. The farmers come from different parts of the country where each produce grows.

Well most of them are warm people…

Each stand is specialized in a different produce

The farmers are very proud of their work

Most of these business are family operated, here we can see the daughter of the farmer waiting for their next customer

Strawberries run in this family

Its very rare not to be greeted by a welcoming big smile and small talk

They are known for being some of the most humble, friendly and most hardworking people in the country.

Cash is king here. Most of the produce is very affordable and the farmers usually give you small extras known as “feria”

Farmers hands

┬┐Que le doy? – is how most customers are greeted. It translate to “What can I give you?”

Finishing the list

My beautiful mother

Taken in Pavas, San Jose, Costa Rica June 20 2015 with a Canon 6D with a 18-200mm lens.